NEXT SHOW: Sunday 17th July Avalon Bar Costa Mesa

This Sunday July 17th

820 W 19th St

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

9.30pm Plus support from The Sam Page Band.

So we have invented a brand new social network - it is called Well Hung Heart at the Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa every Sunday in July. So before you all go running off to Google Plus, why not give our real life social network a spin.

All you have to do is show up and everything is in real 3D, sluts are free and drink is cheap.

This week we have the fantastic Sam Page Band opening for us.

If you missed last week then you missed Greta dancing with a drunken mexican cowboy, Robin fucking up “We rule the world” Drummer Scott’s fantastic new hat. Plus the dirtiest Rap song in the world performed with guest Kurt Hunter.

So what are you waiting for? Come do some social networking with us, add us as a friend by actually shaking our hands and pick yourself up one of our limited edition “Mutha Theresa with a mutha fucking gun” T-Shirts.

Staying in and playing on facebook is so last myspace.