“Everything about Well Hung Heart is raw, organic, and real and Greta Valenti’s live performance skills are jaw-droppingly entertaining …she has that supernatural punk rock prance that would be impossible to learn.” - KROQ

"Blues for a Modern World." - The Blues Magazine

“With Well Hung Heart, entertaining and interesting is what you get…a band worth investigating” - Classic Rock (UK’s #1 Music Magazine)

“Packed with youthful arrogance at a blues-laced crossroads between The Kills & early Stooges” - Deli Magazine, LA

“If you believe that rock and roll can save your soul, you have to believe that super talented duo Well Hung Heart are your ticket to salvation.” - OC WEEKLY 

"Mean, raw, entertaining and nasty” - RockUnited

“ (Davey's) guitar style is disgustingly relaxed…he has a shit load of chops he won't show you until he's good and ready” -

“It’s like the feral lovechild of Howling Wolf, Mick Jagger, Joan Jett and Suzi Quattro fronting a hybrid of Nirvana and the Black Keys. All in a good way. A very good way.” – Mad Mackerel 

“(Valenti’s) richly-toned…killer voice cracks a whip on your ears ” - KROQ

"Summoning creativity at the drop of a hat can be the bane of every artist's existence. But imagine giving yourself 48 hours to write and record a song, then produce an awesome music video for it. It's the sort of rush that drives Robin Davey and Greta Valenti of pile-driving riff rock band Well Hung Heart. In their YouTube series Made In 48, each episode focuses on the team taking another band's song and turning it into a fully polished product from scratch. Well Hung Heart may have earned their stripes by winning Best Live Band at this year's OC Music Awards, but they also deserve a spotlight for their chops as producers; all the webisodes are released via their grassroots company GROWvision. Best of all, the web series offers a raw, entertaining look at the caffeine-fueled insanity that inspires this duo. Way to make the rest of us look lazy, guys." - OC WEEKLY name Well Hung Heart Best YouTube Stars of 2014 for their web series "Made in 48" (